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This module is not currently supported.
Use Amba.PowerTools as replacement for Image Multipicker, see Migration notes

Project Description

This Orchard CMS 1.6 module provides provides field to select one or more images from Media
folders. With this module you can create gallery, banner rotator or any other image list.

Key features
  • Images can be reordered in list.
  • Each image contains description field.
  • You can see selected images preview in content item editor.
  • Image multipicker dialog shows image preview with its width and height.
  • Preview images are resized on server and shown with better quality then standard Media Picker.
  • Preview images are cached in Media/Amba.ImageCache folder, so you can work faster with large images.
  • Automatic removing previews for removed files.
  • Easy media folders navigation: you can click to any folder of selected image path, and multipicker will open it.
  • HTML helper to insert resized image to razor views.
  • Default image if selected image was removed.

Source code details

This module source code based on sources and ideas of following modules: So.ImageResizer, Mello.ImageGallery, Orchard.MediaPicker.

Field Editor
Field Editor

Content Item list (AdminSummary display type)
Content Item List

Image multipicker
Image Multipicker

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